Nirmala ITI in Covid 19 Era

Covid 19, pandemic has brought havoc to the whole world. Every institution, every organisation and every individual is effected by this pandemic. The turbulations of the shock it produced is still on in different parts of the world. Those of us who first responded creatively to this difficult situation are the ones who are on the path of survival.

The Technical Commission of the Society of Jesus, Kerala Province along with the whole of the Province initiated the Online English Course in tie up with St. Vincent’s College, Pune. Soon Nirmala ITI came up with online technical support for running the conferences for Online English Course which catered to around 150 participants.

In the meanwhile the staff of Nirmala ITI came up with other ways of engaging her trainees. They made use of the Moodle platform, Big Blue Button and other Social Media platforms for engaging the trainees. The trainees too responded well and continues to respond to their instructors.

Covid 19 period is not a time to mourn over but to be working hard and getting over the situation. Demands more collaboration.

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